Globalization and the trends within international finance and trade operations have increased the emphasis for all parties concerned to employ the services of a reputable, independent vessel and cargo inspection company with a global organization, which allows it to step in at short notice whenever independent verification is required by different financial institutions, international organizations, banks and trading companies.

Our top priority is to serve professionally our clients through qualified personnel with considerable experience in the fields of inspection of commodities, conformity assessments and average ascertainments. 

The company renders different kinds of survey services:

- Quality and Quantity Inspection at loading and discharge operations

- Loading/Discharge Supervision

- Warehouse monitoring

- Hold & Tank Cleanliness Inspections

- Pre-loading inspection of cargoes - cargo condition before and during loading, cargo supervision during entire loading or discharging, cargo stowage inspection during entire loading or before discharging, re-weighing monitoring, inspection of seals' condition and sealing of cargo compartments and containers

- Tally Inspection

- Draft Survey, Ullage and Sounding

- Packing, Marking and Checking dimensions

- Weighing Control

- Sampling & Testing

- Sealing/Unsealing Inspection

- Damage Survey

- Rust Condition Inspection

- On/Off-Hire Survey condition after repair or reconstruction, pre-entry condition, inspection of stevedore's damage, collision damage, inspection of damage to jetties, shore cranes

- Condition/Suitability Survey of the vessel and her equipment - condition/water tightness of hatch covers, holds cleanliness

- Bunker Survey and Tanks Calibration

- determination of fuel quantity on board (bunker survey);

- container inspections – bay-printing, visual inspection of containers, damage verification, control of seals and dangerous cargo marking as per IMO, stuffing, de-stuffing, sealing

- Hull & Machinery survey.


Ostra Pandi Services carries out different kinds of investigations (cases connected with damage caused to cargo and containers, collisions, oil pollution, accidents, identification of stowaways) as well as settlement of cases connected with compensation payments for personal injury/invalidity to seafarers or for death to their families.

The results of inspections and investigations are always properly drawn up in form of reports which contain sufficient quantity of illustrating colour photos, copies of relevant documents and certificates. We consider it's absolutely necessary to prepare detailed reports as only such reports can serve as a real support in case of arising any claims and court proceedings.

All surveys are performed with maximum care of Customer's interests. Our rates are competitive and in case of necessity can be agreed with the Customer individually, depending on the kind and terms of services; in case of continuous co-operation we are ready to give a special discount for requested services.

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